Key West – Day 3

Outside view of the Truman White House

At last the sun was out most of the day!  However, a cold wave arrived (60’s and low 70’s) – very comfortable.

A favorite place for me to visit is the Truman White House.  I have toured there three previous times but learn something each time.  No pictures are allowed inside due to Secret Service rules.  The facility is still used by  high government officials, the most recent Hilliary Clinton.

Bo’s Fish Wagon (801 Caroline St.)  and Kelly’s (301 Whitehead St.) are two favorite places to eat.

A visit to the Key West Butterfly House is a great way to relax and sense the marvels of nature.

Though it was sunny much of the day, just before sunset the clouds arrived.  However, a few clouds did not hamper the festivities.  Key West is an ongoing party.

Almost a perfect sunset but still beautiful

Tomorrow, we head north to Pompano Beach.


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