Headed to Key West via Ft. Lauderdale

Bridge after bridge on HWY 1 to Key West (taken last trip)

I am headed on another poetry, travel, and photography venture.  We are returning to a favorite destination, the Keys.  A chilly bite has become part of the Ohio air, after all it is November.  I expect a much warmer clime as we head south.  My sister-in-law and her husband will be part of this adventure.  This is their first trip to the area so I am looking forward to introducing them to some of its joys an intricacies.  Please travel with me.  Be sure to offer some feedback so I know at least one or two of you are following along …:-)

I am currently at an airport hotel due to the fact of an early flight.  Barring unforeseen, the next blog will be from Key Largo.

Peace and joy,



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