About Journeys Publishing


First and foremost, Journeys Publishing offers a venue to self-publish work for an already established and ever growing audience.  It is interactive and allows readers to provide immediate feedback as well as permitting subscribing members to display their work.  In short, it provides others with exposure to your work.

Here is how it works:

  • There will be a limited free option, which will allow you to read the content.  But to participate fully, including submitting your work, there will be a nominal monthly fee. However, that fee, which will be $1.99 a month, is waived as the site launches.
  • There will also be a variety of genres to which your work can be submitted.

A bit of history: I have had many subscribers to my monthly e-zine, the Poetical Journal, want the option to post poems or vignettes.  Many of these subscribers have been with me for six years or more. The newsletter is not equipped to handle such an option. (Currently, the subscription numbers are in the thousands including subscribers in 72 counties and all 50 states.)

Based upon those requests and suggestions and after much forethought, we created Journeys Publishing to meet those needs.  While the site is in the toddler stage, it will grow and expand over the months.  But we still need your feedback and ideas. Please send us your ideas.

To assist with Journeys Publishing, Kristi, a very talented writer and businesswoman, is partnering with me.  (You can read more about Kristi in the About Bob & Kristi section.)

We hope is that Journeys Publishing will give you the opportunity to further your own journey, whether it be as a writer and/or as an individual who wishes to expand personal horizons.

Best regards,

Bob & Kristi

(Please feel free to browse Journeys Publishing for a taste of what is to come.  While you will be asked to register, there is no charge to browse.)